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The Green Peace Makers was created in November, 2019 with the vision of a world where humans live in harmony taking care of the planet and each other. The creators Isabella Thayer and Prem Persaud were inspired by reggae music to take action and help inspire others to live a greener, conscious lifestyle to improve their community and environment. 


Growing up immersed in the beautiful landscapes of Oregon, Isabella found she had a strong passion for nature, animals, and helping others early in life. Her life from a young child had seemed to offer endless outdoor adventures and experiences with the wildlife around her. From hiking in lush green forest, to days spent shell collecting shells along the foggy shorelines of the Pacific Ocean, to spending time on various farms, she learned to respect and appreciate nature. As lucky as she was to have valleys and mountains as her playground, she always dreamed of living somewhere warm, tropical, and close to the ocean.


When Isabella was 13, she had the opportunity as part of an advanced class in middle school to take a trip to Florida for career exploration. One of those days was spent exploring the Spanish Forts and sandy beaches of Egmont Key in St. Petersburg Florida. She immediately fell in love with the environment around her and hoped to one day find her home somewhere similar. 


After graduating college and becoming a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant Isabella found herself on a 3,000+ mile road trip across the country fulfilling her dream of living somewhere warm by the ocean. She moved to St. Petersburg Florida in 2017 working with Advanced Medical of Florida to help expand their pain management clinics and practice physical therapy.  She spends her downtime playing her favorite sport beach volleyball. This is where she met her husband Prem Persaud, and together they found their growing passion for the environment and peace. Her inspiration to start the Green Peace Makers came from the lyrics of her favorite reggae bands new album. The Movement's Ways of The World album awoke a burning passion to protect nature, animals, and people.

Prem Persaud was born in Georgetown, Guyana (South America). His family and him left Guyana when he was 2 years old and emigrated to the United States. He grew up in New Jersey for his younger years until he decided to move to Florida for college. He went to the University of South Florida, majoring in Finance and Economics. After being in the financial industry for a couple years he decided to pursue the marketing industry. He now runs his own marketing agency, the G Team Agency and loves helping small businesses.


Being in Florida, Prem fell in love with beach volleyball. Now, he doesn't just play but runs leagues and tournaments to help grow the sport. Being in Florida for over 19 years has made him very much love the diverse nature. This is what made him want to create the Green Peace Makers with his love, Isabella Thayer. He wants to preserve our environment so nature can live on without the intense interference of humanity. Prem also wants people to be nicer to each other, to be more peaceful. These are the staples of the Green Peace Makers. He wants to set an example for others by taking action and educating each other.


Join Prem and Isabella spreading peace, love, and unity as peace makers! 

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