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Peaceful Green Warrior of Oct 2020 Cory King-Take Care of Our Planet & Each Other.

Peaceful Green Warrior of October 2020

Cory King

St. Petersburg, FL

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Cory King I am a high school algebra 1 teacher. I teach special education and my passion in life to educate kids. Outside of that world I am all about staying fit and playing different sports. I came from a swimming and running background in high school and college. Now I spend much of my active time playing beach volleyball. I love being outdoors!

Why is taking care of each other and our planet important?

Society needs to take care of each other because we are all in the together and we need to work together to thrive. Taking care of our planet is just as important. We are blessed to have and be a part of this beautiful habitat. If we don't take care of our environment we will lose these beautiful places and the diversity that we need to live.

What makes you a Peaceful Green Warrior?

What makes me a Peaceful Green Warrior is my appreciation of Mother Nature as is and being able to connect with it and show it love back. Sharing with others how we need to treat Mother Nature to preserve it for us and future generations to come. I love to educate myself and others on how to protect our beautiful planet.

Any advice for people on how to get involved with caring for our Earth but do not know where to start?

Get out there and get in touch with your local organizations. Keep Pinellas Beautiful has tons of different activities going on constantly. A simple Google search will direct you to your local resources. Get in touch with those like minded folks and grow a community that appreciates nature and protects it together.

Have you changed any of your habits recently to be more Earth conscious?

Yea absolutely! I have picked up the habit of biking places. My fiance Taylee and I bike everywhere we can. We have even gone places as far as 30 miles away because we know we can do it and it is enjoyable. We also constantly fill up reusable water bottles and are trying to cut out single use plastics. We use reusable tupperware, grocery bags and Ziploc’s ect.

What is your favorite PGW story?

My favorite Peaceful Green Warrior story is from when I visited Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. A beautiful place where you are driving through the mountains and all of a sudden you open up to a valley that is full of sand dunes- an endless amount of sand. It makes you feel like your in a different place in this world outside of the United States. It was so cool going up there and appreciating it. When you find that appreciation for the natural beauty and what it is, it inspires you to really take care of it. I want to encourage people to find their beauty in nature, go out there and explore, find something that inspires you and find your own passion to preserve the planet!

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