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Find a local farm near you, they have a lot more to offer than you think!

As lovers of Earth, people, and health my fiance Prem and I set out to find how we could better nourish our bodies while supporting organic farms in our community. In my last blog posting I compiled a list of local farms in our area (Tampa Bay) that are still up and running even with the impacts of COVID-19. So far, our favorite pick-up produce location has been Little Pond Farm however, last week I was late to pre-order and we missed out on our usual Saturday pick up in Downtown St. Pete. So, I checked the list and found Sweetwater Organic Community Farms is open for produce pick up on Sundays from 12pm-2pm first come first serve.

We went and WERE NOT disappointed. Keep scrolling to learn more about local farms!

We arrived at the farm and were pleased to find an Oasis in the middle of a busy neighborhood. The farm has been run by volunteers in the community for over 30 years and is a 501c3 Non-Profit. The produce and grounds are all maintained by locals in the community. Most of the crops are planted by students around the Tampa Bay area who frequently visit this farm to learn about sustainability, farming, and the environment.

Here there is something for everyone and the prices are very reasonable. We spent less on organic, locally grown produce than we would non-organic produce at Publix. We spent $18 for our weekly produce including 2 varieties of kale, red lettuce, zucchini, beats, eggplant, and onions (BIG YIELDS TOO). They also had carrots, berries, many types of leafy greens, leaks, garlic, and MORE! And for all of you who are also on that quarantining planting kick, I found a large range of Succulents, Aloe Vera, and plants from $3-$10.

AND for all the carnivores out there check out the pictures above and see the vast amount of local meats from Lamb to Steak at again reasonable prices.

Oh... Eggs... Coffee.... they have that too!

We have a great opportunity as a community to come together and support our local farms and farmers. Why wouldn't we want to pay less for improved quality of food while supporting our neighbor's livelihood!? AND ON TOP OF THAT supporting local farms dramatically decreases our individual carbon footprint since our food does not have to travel far to reach us. Organic farms also use more sustainable practices that help nourish the environment rather than deplete or poison it.

If a majority of the people in our individual communities supported our vast amounts of local farms it would stimulate our local economies while improving the health of our bodies and Earth. Now its your turn, wherever you are all it takes is a simple Google search to find local farms up and running near you! But if you are in Tampa Bay area check out this local organic farm the next weekend you get a chance!😀

Sweetwater Organic Farm Market Time: Sundays 12PM-2PM 6942 West Comanche Ave. Tampa, Florida 33634

I suggest checking their Facebook Page on Sundays during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep up with any changes.

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