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Tampa Bay Local Farms- 8 ways to buy local organic produce while maintaining social distancing

What a better time than now to start changing our daily habits to better support our local economy and health! Give your immune system a boost by maintaining a healthy diet full of fresh veggies and fruits. You can do this while maintaining social distancing and supporting our local farmers. Better for the environment, better for our neighbors, better for our bodies!

Location: Al Lang Stadium Parking Lot, St. Petersburg Florida

Pick up: Saturdays 9am-12pm, Delivery available within 5 mile radius

Details: " $28 pre-packed veggie share weekly until further notice, as we follow the ever-changing situation. The veggie share will be a mix of 8-10 items, all USDA Certified Organic vegetables from our farm. Items are a balanced variety of farmer’s choice vegetables. Vegetables are pre-packed in a 5/9th bushel box. No customizing is available at this time." CLICK HERE!

Location: 3325 5th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Pick up: Free pickup available during store hours. Free delivery available on all orders over $30 delivered within 10 miles of the store (basically anywhere in south Pinellas County).

Details: "We sell locally grown produce from growers committed to healthy food who don't use harmful pesticides. We also have certified organic fruits and veggies when we can't find something local. We deliver local harvest boxes several days a week." CLICK HERE

Earth Friendly Award: Check our their Facebook page!

"The oceans are full of plastic, our recycling centers can't recycle a quarter of we send them, and now China doesn't want our recyclables anymore. The solution isn't recycling, it's reusing. Zero waste stores have failed so far due to consumers forgetting their reusable packaging for their goods.

Kenwood Organic eliminates the waste and sells items in 100% reusable or compostable containers. We even sell reusable containers. Local artist will decorate the containers offering a unique item for each customer. Return the containers for sterilization and reuse and you will receive a discount on your next item.

Food waste is another concern for grocery stores. Kenwood Organic Produce will answer this problem by canning our own line of salsas, sauces, jams, jellies, and making our own dehydrated fruit and veggie chips. This line of products will roll out in January 2019. "

Florida Suncoast Locally Grown

Location: Sarasota, Hillsbourough, and Manatee counties

Pick Up:

Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm Greens on the Gro Farm 2309 36th Ave E. Palmetto, Florida

Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm Village of the Arts Ortygia Restaurant 1418 13th St. W Bradenton, Florida

Mondays Toys R US Parking Lot US 41 Sarasota, FL

Details: Place your order ONLINE anytime between Monday and Thursday at 12pm. Choose from a wide variety of local vegetables, fruits, eggs and more!

Location: 6942 W Comanche Ave, Tampa, FL 33634

Pick Up: Sundays from 12pm-4pm, "drive through farmacy"

Details: "Bok Choy, Kale, Collards, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Mint, Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Arugula, Eggplant, Lettuce, Moringa, Turnips- List for 3/22/20 produce pick up"

Farm sampler basket $25. Pre order by phone at 727 212 2883, call or text. They also have bread, honey, eggs, meat, kombucha, and coffee! Visit their Facebook page for weekly updates on market hours and available produce.

Location: 2001 2nd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Pick Up: Wed 12p.m-5p.m Thurs 12p.m-7p.m Fri 12p.m-5pm Sat 10a.m-2p.m

Details: Local hydroponically grown produce and more! You can order ONLINE and pick up during their store hours listed above.

Earth friendly Award!

"Our proprietary farms are highly integrated horizontal hydroponic systems. Entirely climate controlled (using off-peak power usage) and fully self-contained (no pesticides ever) inside a 40-foot freight container. We grow 2 acres of hyper-fresh produce, using less water than the average tooth brushing session!  We also grow in any weather, year-round, providing the healthiest wash free leafy greens you’ve ever tasted."

Location: 2759 Woodring Dr, Clearwater, FL 33759

Pick Up: Friday & Saturday between 10 am -3 pm or Monday 10 am-6 pm at the farm in Clearwater or pick up Saturday between 9am- 12 pm at the Al Lang Stadium Parking Lot

Details: Order ONLINE from a variety of fresh local organic produce, along with other products like eggs, honey, and meat.

Locations: Many available delivery sites available from St. Petersburg to Naples

Pick Up: Current openings for veggies box pick ups are available in Punta Gorda, Downtown St. Petersburg, and Sarasota; check their website for updates on openings for veggie box memberships.

Details: Worden Farms offers veggie box memberships for $25 a week for 4 weeks. "Get a weekly delivered box, packed with a balanced assortment of organic veggies, including salad greens, cooking greens, root crops, fruiting vegetables and culinary herbs. "

Location: St. Petersburg Florida

Pick Up:

Saturdays 9am- 12pm at Al Lang Stadium parking lot 100 1st Avenue SE, St. Petersburg Fl

Thursdays at Daystar Life Center 1055 28th St. S St Petersburg Fl or Mother Kombucha 4360 28th St. N, St. Petersburg FL

Details: This is the Saturday Morning Market online! Not only can you buy fresh produce but also canned goods, jelly, bread and more. ORDER HERE

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